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The MBA-Channel links the target groups in the immediate field of the Master of Business Administration: Schools, companies and above all prospective students. Besides journalistic expertise, the website bundles different features with high utility: Extensive and in-depth search functions for business schools, MBA programs and events. The business schools have the ability to directly address students and prospective students: All information is directly conveyed to the interested user, without delay.

Who's behind it?

Annette Eicker, Founder of mba-channel

Phone +49-211-311389-22

Annette studied economics and spent 14 years of her career as a business and finance journalist with Handelsblatt, the leading German business and finance daily. Over several years she was chief editor of  the monthly magazine "(Junge) Karriere", was responsible for the management section of Handelsblatt,  created TV formats and online services. In 2003 she founded the publishing house matchboxmedia, which publishes books, magazines and a big variety of ebooks, runs the website www.jobguide.de / www.jobguide-international.com and organizes events and initiatives in the high potential and professional career market. Besides that Annette works as a consultant specializing in employer branding and recruiting strategies.

Claudia Schmuck, Key Acount Manager

Phone +49-61 06-6 39 55 09

Claudia works as Key Account Manager for MBA Channel since October 2013. Before, she has been in the finance industry for many years. She is an experienced sales expert and completely committed to customer service.

Barbara Bierach, Editor in Chief

Phone +61-2-80658845

Barbara works as foreign correspondent since 2005, first out of New York City before migrating to Sydney in 2007. Barbara has a masters' degree in political science and economics and trained in Germany's Deutscher Journalistenschule in Munich. The first years of her career she spent as reporter for the German edition of "Forbes". At "Wirtschaftswoche", Germany's leading business weekly she then edited the management and careers sections for many years. After publishing the best seller "Das dämliche Geschlecht" ("The Stupid Sex") she started free lancing for various German and Swiss media. She also serves as board member in Australia's Foreigen Correspondents' Association.

Barbara Barkhausen, International Correspondent

Phone +61-2-99076961

Barbara works as print and TV journalist and is based in Sydney, Australia. She has been working as a foreign correspondent since 2002. Barbara Barkhausen finished a master's degree after studies in Munich and Los Angeles and started her media career at the biggest European TV station ZDF. Later on she worked for the renowned film production company Bavaria Film for five years in several senior positions before immigrating to Sydney. Today she works for a variety of German and Australian magazines, radio- and TV stations. She is the author of several books, including one about the German-Australian economic relationship. In 2011 she will publish the first comprehensive book about Australia for the German market.

Kirstin von Elm, Correspondent for the German speaking Market

Phone +49-431-9088987

Kirstin lives in Kiel, Germany, and writes as freelance journalist about business and career topics for major German newspapers such as Handelsblatt, FTD, Die Welt. Kirstin studied Business Administration in Goettingen, Germany, and at UCLA in San Diego. She worked for a publishing house in Cologne, was program planner with AOL in Hamburg and business and finance correspondent with the TV station n-tv in Berlin.

Gudrun Mikus, Web Producer and Customer Service

Phone +49-211-311389-27

Gudrun studied philosophy, media, German literature and journalism. She started her career as a copywriter and PR consultant in an accredited full service advertising agency in Essen, where she worked as a customer adviser for different industries. Gudrun was in charge for the creation of advertisting campaigns for radio, television and internet as well as for consulting service.

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