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The MBA decision : Push Vs Pull factor

In my first post as MBA Channel applicant blogger, I will share my thoughts about various reasons that drive a MBA decision. I will also talk about what should not be treated as a reason to take up MBA.

Its my first post as a MBA applicant blogger on MBA-Channel and I am excited. I am a MBA applicant from India and I will be sharing my perspectives about MBA application process and B schools in my blog posts.

So what I am going to talk about in this post. Its the most important of MBA Application process ; in fact it is that part which initiates the whole process of MBA - The MBA decision. 

Different people decide to do MBA for different reasons. There is no one single best reason to do an MBA and its subject to individual needs and thinking. I like to split these group of reasons to two buckets.

  1. Push factors
  2. Pull factors

Push factors are those reasons which makes a person move away from current state of life. In the MBA perspective, the so called push factors can any of the following

  • Sheer dislike for the current job and its career prospects
  • Having achieved enough at the current career function and the need to grow to the next phase of career
  • Need to change the current intellectual path and look out for a different way of life altogether
  • Being tired of the busy work life needing for a change in lifestyle

Pull factors are those which draws one towards a MBA program, ideally independent of his current state of affairs.These can include variety of factors like

  • A great B school with top notch MBA program
  • The transformational experience promised by every good MBA
  • New Location offering a new network and opportunities.

After talking to several MBA aspirants, I feel most of them heavily emphasize on the Push factors than the Pull factors. In my opinion it may not be great to decide on MBA only to escape from current job or state of life. More specifically, never do an MBA if

  • You only aim at making money and more money. You need not come to B school and spend the 2 precious years if your aim stops at making money. You have umpteen other ways to achieve this goal.
  • You are sick and  tired of  the current work life and consider MBA as a sabbatical from work. A big No. MBA can get more intensive than you think of and if you are thinking of it as a relaxing period then you will be proved wrong.

In my opinion, a person’s MBA decision should be based on a balanced mix of the Push and Pull factors. A passion to grow personally, professionally. A great new network of people and myriad of opportunities. Skills and confidence to take up any challenge in life. A renewed self awareness. A good MBA experience can definitely offer all these and more. At the end of the day, it depends on the individual to make the most of his MBA experience.

So when you are making perhaps the most important decision of your life : MBA, be sure to reflect on the reasons and motivation you have behind this decision. Make sure you have right reasons to take up MBA and enough passion to drive you through the 2 years of a life changing experience. All the Best !

PS: If you are reading this post and want to share your reasons for doing MBA, be sure to leave it as a comment.

About the author: Madbubbles
Madbubbles Madbubbles is a young career woman from India. She is a software engineer by profession and social entrepreneur by passion. She is applying to US B schools this fall and aims to get her MBA in technology management and strategy. You can check her MBA blog and follow her on twitter .
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