Applying to business school: What’s the right approach for women?

Interview with Stacy Blackman and Caroline Diarte Edwards

Little details might make the difference in getting accepted or declined at a top business school. MBA Channel has spoken to two leading admission consultants about their best tips for female applicants to business schools as well as those little red flags that women should avoid. ...

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Advice on how to get the most out of an MBA programme

What advice do MBA graduates from top business schools have for prospective MBA students? This question was asked on the knowledge platform Quora and even made it into a Forbes...

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Ex-Harvard admissions officer’s recommendation for finding the best b-school

Looking at MBA rankings is certainly helpful, gives good and valuable information about a school’s achievement and strength and a general guideline about quality. But according to...

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How to handle an MBA fair

Attending an MBA fair before deciding on a business school is a worthwhile effort, recommends an admission consultant. But applicants need to arm themselves with some knowledge...

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Reapplying for business school

Rejection is part of life. Many MBA applicants to top-tier schools get rejected the first time they apply. Admission consultant Stacy Blackman shared valuable tips for students who...

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How to dress for an MBA interview

“First impressions count” is a famous saying that certainly contains a lot of truth. In particular it counts for any type of interview as candidates have only a very limited time...

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How to improve your business school application

In a recent blog article for Fortuna Admissions former Director of Admissions at INSEAD, Caroline Diarte Edwards (photo), has collected the most useful tips how to improve a...

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Interview tips from a leading business school

The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has published a very useful video blog with Admissions Dean Sara Neher, who shares some helpful advice on how to conduct an...


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