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How to finance a 100,000 dollar MBA degree?

Often students are told to apply at a business school first, get their foot in and then worry about the financial of things. But to be informed how to make a 100,000 dollar plus...

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California’s University of the People offers first tuition-free MBA

California’s University of the People (UoPeople) is offering the first tuition-free MBA for 100 applicants from September onwards. The American non-profit online higher education...

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The MBA scholarship business

US-based website Poets&Quants has assembled an interesting overview of the amount of scholarship cash that is currently flowing from schools to MBA candidates. According to the...

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New Scholarships for London Business School

The London Business School has decided to extend the existing scholarships for candidates with an interest in finance, and the military, to include awards for candidates with a...

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FT’s MiM ranking shows degree growing fast

MiM or a Masters in Management degree is a version of an MBA for younger students. Mostly created for students who have recently completed an undergraduate degree, it aims at...

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The effect of college loans

In Australia, tens of thousands of university students held protests as outrage spread at sharply increasing costs of higher education. In Switzerland, the European Students’ Union...


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