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MBA and a master's in finance in comparison

There is some debate about the value of an MBA in comparison to a master's in finance and it is fair to say that there is little consensus in what might be the better degree option...

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End of full-time MBA: Tippie invests in specialised and executive programmes

The University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business is phasing out its full-time MBA programme. The changes to the graduate business education programme will favour the part-time...

Picture: Virginia Tech
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MBA applicants focus on the big names

Smaller, less known schools have suffered a drop in applications and are currently losing out. Larger, more popular business schools are winning the race in terms of applications...

University of Sydney Business School
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Is the traditional MBA dead? A new approach in Australia

The traditional MBA is dead, according to the University of Sydney Business School. It is a bold statement by a school that sells the degree itself, but the university wants to...

Picture: HEC School of Management
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The Economist ranks Masters in Management (MiM)

The Economist has ranked Masters in Management offers. Contrary to the high-profile MBA rankings some lesser known business schools are finding fame in this ranking with French and...

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New survey: Business Master’s doesn’t substitute for an MBA

Three in four prospective graduate business school candidates who hold a prior master’s degree are considering enrolling in MBA programmes, according to new research from the...

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News | Specialized Master

Women prefer business master to MBA

Globally business master’s programmes, such as marketing, accounting and management are dominated by women. Women, however, are still underrepresented in MBA classrooms in the...

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News | Leadership + Management

New online degree in development finance

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management launched a new Master programme in September. “Leadership in Development Finance” is an English-language master’s degree course which is...

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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: New online course in Islamic Microfinance

The Islamic Relief Academy together with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management are developing an online certification course in the growing...

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News | Leadership + Management

New online Master’s programme on “Leadership in Development Finance”

In September 2016, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will launch a new online Master’s programme on “Leadership in Development Finance”. The 18-month degree course will...


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