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Alumni power on LinkedIn

Business schools are encouraging students these days to become active users on LinkedIn from the moment they start their MBA programme. Some business schools have even incorporated using the networking site into their workshops.

LinkedIn has helped this development as the site transformed the job search process in a way that makes networking a lot easier for MBA students. To expand their network they can join their University Alumni Group. Connecting to former and fellow students can make a huge difference: From seeing where and how they’ve found jobs to reaching out to alumni whose companies are hiring, and leveraging their networks. Students can also tailor their job searches by specifying search criteria like location, experience level, date posted, title, company, job function and industry. Referrals are another powerful tool in the job search. The “Request Referral” button helps students to see who in their network connects them to the person posting a job. They can then request an introduction – something that can open doors more easily as people will form trust quicker if someone they know, knows the applicant already. Even if the person is two or three degrees away on the networking site, an introduction through one of the existing connections is possible.

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