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Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, where we share the latest and greatest from the MBA blogosphere. This week, our Buzz bloggers share their waitlist woes, offer feedback on the admissions process from the other side of the hump, and point out the benefits that come with accompanying your spouse on the journey through b-school.


Stacy Blackman

What’s your status? — In Ellipser‘s recent entry Admits, Waitlisted & Dinged, the Cornell MBA ’13 offers his thoughts on applicants of all stripes. He tells admitted students what to focus on now; bolsters the spirits of waitlisted applicants; and muses about how one’s chances of a ding grow with each passing round.

Speaking of the waitlisted… — Although CCatcher is thrilled to receive an admissions offer from Tepper School of Business, she’s still holding out hope for a seat at Cornell’s Johnson School––to which she has been waitlisted. For now, CCatcher is in limbo as she works on strengthening her candidacy for one program while she fundraises for the other.

How I ended up at MIT Sloan Chris Garvin of the MIT LGO Class of 2012 shares an enlightening post this week on why he decided to go to b-school, and how he ultimately chose MIT Sloan School of Management. The details he provides on how it all came together for him can benefit many applicants currently struggling with the huge decision to go to pursue an MBA.

The perks of being an MBA spouse — Meeting people from around the globe, living in an exciting city, multiple travel opportunities…these typical characteristics of the business school experience extend to the significant others as well. In MBAchic‘s latest guest post, Erica Moss clues us in to the many ways her life has changed for the better since her husband started hitting the books again.

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About the author: Stacy Blackman
Stacy Blackman

Stacy Blackman, has been consulting on the Master of Business Administration degree application process since 2001. She has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Stacy has worked with the admissions committees at both schools, conducting alumni interviews and evaluating applicants.


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