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Canadian business school launches speciality online MBA and EMBA

The Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton in Canada has added two new fully-online MBA and Executive MBA specialty streams in Human Resources Leadership. Each stream will be accepting students beginning in November 2015, with five-six additional start dates per year.


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The new Human Resources Leadership streams try to reach out to early and advanced career professionals, providing a strong understanding of business motivations and how to best integrate business strategy with HR principles.

The course also aims to hone the skills of more experienced HR professionals that work towards senior-management positions. The programme covers topics from corporate management essentials such as accounting, finance and operations, to a detailed examination of leadership within a network of complex stakeholder relationships. The programme then incorporates three Human Resources specialty courses, and an Integration Project that serves as the capstone project. In each course, students meet in a live, virtual classroom once a week with their professor and their peers.

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