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eBook: “MBA in Europe” sheds light on business schools and MBA programmes in the old world

With a growing number of attractive courses on offer, Europe is becoming one of the top destinations for MBA students from all over the world. The English-language eBook “MBA in Europe” issued by MBA CHANNEL in co-operation with the career platform Jobguide, analyses trends on the European MBA market and provides an overview of the market. 


The eBook, which can be downloaded for free at, discusses the following trends and subjects:

- Increase in executive MBA programmes
- Increase in number of women among MBA candidates
- What is better: Distance learning or classroom learning?
- Trends on the MBA graduate market.

The eBook also offers prospective MBA students a wide range of useful information on courses as well as many tips on how to prepare for them. Experts give advice on the following subjects:

- What should prospective students watch out for when applying?
- How can applicants effectively prepare for the GMAT?
- Which study materials are most useful for their preparation?
- Practical tips during the course

On top of that, the eBook presents profiles of leading European Business Schools and their MBA programmes as well as providing all relevant contact details. “MBA in Asia and Australia” and “MBA in Canada and North America” will be released in the autumn and winter respectively.

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