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ESCP Europe: School for cross-cultural management training

The ability to culturally adapt is regarded as crucial for the success of the engagement of a manager for a foreign market. Therefore HR experts aim at finding both, highly adaptable employees and trainings for them that prepare the future expatriates as well as possible to deal with foreign customs and cultures. But is adaptability really the sole key factor for success in going abroad?

At the Cologne conference "Zukunft Personal" in October, Martina Maletzky from the Chair of Human Resource Management & Intercultural Leadership at ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule in Berlin argues for a more differentiated view. In her opinion the relationship between home and host country can be as decisive for the success of an expat as the relationship between head quarters and the subsidiaries in a foreign market.

Such international issues are typical for the staff of the ESCP Europe, a business school specializing in cross cultural management training. 4000 students from more than 90 nations study at five European locations: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turino. The ranking of the "Finanical Times" places ESCP's European Executive MBA on rank 15 worldwide, 10 places better than in 2009. In the category "careers" the Executive MBA-program even ranks first.

Students in this part-time program train for 18 month in English at different campus. The participants can choose: either the  „local track", offering all core courses in three week-long intense training moduls on one of the five campus or alternatively the „Itinerant Track", offering the core courses at different stations in Europe.

The curriculum is taught first in a General Management Program, covering the core courses. After completion follow the electives: Each student is required to chose 12 out of 36 options. The classes offered range from „Corporate Responsabilties and Ethics" to  „Idea Management", „Negotiation" to „The Leadership Mystique". Five international seminars aim at familiarizing the participants with the cultural differences and the uniqueness of each market to prepare them for future engagements outside of their home country. Research trips to India, China, Brasil an the USA are also possible.

The EEMBA for 42 000 Euro is completed with an International Consulting Project, in which participants develop a real case strategic analysis in a multi-cultural team. The supervision and evaluation of the projects are done half by a sponsoring company and half by one of ESCP's  professors.

Professor for Strategy and Management and the Dean of the European Executive MBA program, Frédéric Fréry believes: "Our curriculum solves the global/local dilemma in an unparalleled way. Because we think innovation consists in questioning taken-for-granted assumptions, our learning environment is based on a variety of perspectives." In both tracks - local and itinerant - not only the environment changes constantly but also the study groups are re-assigned with the aim to train participants' inter-cultural empathy.

Additionally the program offers special classes to train cross cultural management capabilities. „Our reviews show that our students consider the exchange of ideas and experiences between different cultures and industries adds particular value to their education," says Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, head of the European Executive MBA at ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin. Typically the students are university-trained specialists and executives with a minimum of five years relevant professional experience, excellent skills in English  and the ambition to develop their international management skills. In the class of 2010 study 131 Personen from 27 nations for their EEMBA.

For Germany, ESCP Europe is the first Business School accredited with all three major international organisations - AACSB, AMBA und EFMD - carrying the so called „triple crown". According to the EMBA Ranking of the "Financial Times" from October 2009, the European Executive MBA is first in Italy, 3rd in Germany and Spain, 4th in France and 5th in UK. 

November 6th is Open Day in Berlin. The event aims at connecting potential students in a Master, MBA or PhD program with professors, alumni, students and employers . Find further information at and register for attendence at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone +49 30 32007-145.

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