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Fortuna Admissions: Why older MBA applicants need to be wiser

28 seems to be the average age for an MBA student. But older applicants shouldn’t be discouraged, write MBA consultants Fortuna Admissions in their regular blog.


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The top US-business schools focus on 20-somethings confirm the experts. Only European business schools are already known for fostering older students as well. But older students can still leverage their strengths that come due to older age, more experience and simply more years in the workforce. They can turn a potential disadvantage into an advantage. 

But first things first: Why are there considerably less students over 30 at business schools?

  • There are fewer students as less over 30-year olds are applying.
  • Cost for full-time study is typically higher for older candidates who might also have more financial commitments like a family already.
  • "The reality is that McKinsey and Goldman Sachs are looking to recruit associates and analysts in their late 20s to keep salary costs down, work them tirelessly without family constraints, and maintain an unspoken age hierarchy in the firm." (Matt Symonds, Director of Fortuna Admissions)

But that does not mean, that people over 30 needn't apply. There's still ways for older students to also succeed with their MBA dream. According to the consultants at Fortuna Admissions they only have to be wiser and better prepared. Their advice is:

  • Take everything about you and turn it into a huge positive. 
  • Have a solid plan, concrete ideas and career visions.
  • Shine a bright light on the fact that you would be a valuable asset because of your experience and knowledge

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