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From a war for talent to an abundance of talent?

The war for talent will be heating in the coming years. Companies are growing, older leaders are retiring and a different breed of leaders is required to deal with the “VUCA” - the world made out of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


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The shortage will be big, and therefore the highest priority of companies is to detect and develop the real high potentials. Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, head of executive recruiter Egon Zehnder International suggests that organisations should focus on protecting “their” talent, in order to win the war for talent and probably as a consequence be more successful in business.Still, the question remains: how can the war for talent be transformed into a situation where there is an abundance of talent? According to the HR Trend Institute some solutions are evolving such as:

Decreasing the need for...

...leaders in organisations by distributing the leadership amongst many more people.

...leaders and managers by changing the traditional structures of organisations.

...specific talent, by increasing the productivity of top talent with big percentages.

...talent by deploying it from global talent pools, only when required.
Increasing the pool of talent by...

…looking for talent in less obvious areas (geography, educational background).

...releasing the scarce talent of all kind of work that can easily be done by intelligent   machines.

...focusing more on the potential of teams than the potential of individuals.

...speeding up the development of solutions powered by artificial intelligence.



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