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Generation swap at TiasNimbas

Philippe Naert is resigning from his position as Dean at the Dutch business school TiasNimbas after 12 years. A successor has yet to be named. Germany continues to remain in focus.

The resignation comes as a surprise at least to outsiders. According to Dutch regulations, those holding a civil service position must retire once they reach the age of 65. Naert, who was employed at Insead from 1984 to 1992, most recently as Dean, has been leading TiasNimbas for 12 years. During this time, the turnover from research, teaching and consulting has risen from 2.5 million euros to over 21 million euros.

After taking over Nimbas University in 2006, TiasNimbas also gained access to the German market and acquired the part-time program in Bonn. With its 15 participants it is indeed currently very small. But this year there will be about 20 participants beginning with the program. In the long-term the number of participants is expected to increase to up to 50 students. Therefore Alexander Bojanowsky, a managing director for Germany was hired in March for the first time.

Bie De Graeve also resigned in the summer. She was at TiasNimbas for ten years, most recently as Director of MBA Programs. She is an independent advisor, but will continue to work for TiasNimbas on a freelance basis. Geert-Jan Peters is the new MBA Director. Up until now, he has been responsible for the development of company-specific programs. In addition, Professor Nigel Roome is now holding the newly-created position of Associate Dean for MBA Programs.

A generation swap is also taking pace at the top at Tilburg University where the school's president, Professor Frank van der Duyn Schouten, is retiring in November 2008 on the basis of old age. This is also reportedly the reason why the clarification of Philippe Naert's successor has been delayed because it concerns an important strategic deal for Tilburg University. TiasNimbas is indeed closely associated with the faculty - particularly in research - but having said this, it is an independent business school. Naert will continue to lead the business school until a successor is found.

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