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Go to bed! Lack of sleep is bad for your career.

Napoleon Bonaparte claimed he needed only four or five hours of sleep. But for the majority of people – including many top CEOs and world leaders – this is certainly not the case, according to Dr. Tara Swart, neuroscientist and CEO of The Unlimited Mind. Lack of sleep can have quite a “devastating” effect on our performance, Swart says. Could the secret to success in your professional lives therefore be linked to how well and how long you sleep?, asks CNN.


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"There's a very strong correlation between restfulness and leadership," according to Jessica Payne, associate professor and director of the Sleep Stress and Memory Lab at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. "The majority of people need seven to nine hours of sleep and the majority of people don't get that much," cites Payne. It's as important as diet and exercise, she added. Memory problems, issues with decision-making, lack of creativity and regulating personal emotions are some of the first areas to be diminished by lack of sleep, according to Payne.

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