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Harvard: Turkey hunts students

A headstrong turkey is wreaking havoc on the grounds at Harvard Business School. Students feel followed.

The bird has been living on the campus for a good year. Its reign goes virtually unchallenged. When the turkey goes for a walk in the flowerbed, no gardener stands in its way. And when it's tired, it goes back to Dean Jay Light's garden.

But the turkey's behavior doesn't always help it make friends. Its behavior is "very aggressive" according to MBA student Gaia Bravicich. "To be honest, I'm a little bit afraid of it."

Other students are also complaining. The turkey chases them when they are riding their bicycles. A Facebook group has even been started: "HBS Students FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE TURKEY."

Bob Breslow, who is responsible for the grounds and building services at the Harvard Business School, plays down the controversy. "We've received fewer than ten complaints in the past year." Nothing can be done anyway, because relocating a turkey is against the law.

"I like the turkey," says MBA student John Fillmore. "It provides a nice contrast to the Ivy League surroundings."

The turkey on tape.

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