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How community leadership can enrich an MBA application

A high result in the GMAT test, an entrance exam for many business schools, might be a great door opener, but it does not necessarily distinguish an applicant from other high achievers. Many top schools are looking for well-rounded students these days who do not only achieve excellent academic results, but can also provide unique qualities to the new MBA class and the school’s network.


Community leadership can be one of these decisive qualities. Forbes recently has dedicated a whole article to the case with the US-magazine stating that business schools cared about community leadership because it would demonstrate an applicant’s commitment to doing good in addition to doing well. It certainly can be the decisive element if there are several candidates with similar results and CVs and is generally a great way to differentiate from other candidates.

On top of these beneficial factors for your application community leadership will be easier reached than in a corporate environment, whilst still teaching you valuable lessons. And working for an organization that supports values and missions that you share and are passionate about can also be deeply satisfying for yourself.

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