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How LinkedIn Students will help you find a job

LinkedIn cancelled many of its student services because the company found that students just want help finding a job. Now LinkedIn is launching a new app – LinkedIn Students –that does just that. The company says it spent the last year surveying students and found that most wanted help to find employment.


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Before, the company offered a variety of services to help high school students find  a university or college and offered information about potential fields of study. Those services will all be gone on May 16. 

Instead LinkedIn Students now asks the users three questions: What school are you in?; What major are you?; What year do you graduate? From there, the app connects students with alumni who are in similar fields, recommends entry-level jobs at companies within the students’ network, and recommends articles that may be relevant to the users’ interests. 

It is all about getting the students connected to the right people. In fact, most of the 2015 graduates who found jobs on LinkedIn were in technology and professional services, which often require finding someone within the industry to connect with, comments Fast Company. 

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