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How to get into b-school

To get into business school you need application essays, letters of recommendation, academic credentials, work experience and an entrance interview. Washington Post interviewed the admission officers of some of the top schools. We have compiled the top tips for you.

Top Tip Harvard Business School
Harvard recommends to use your essay to paint a “mosaic” of your personality. The essay can distinguish candidates from one another and is a way for admission officers to see beyond the pieces of paper that they read in the application.

Top Tip Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford emphasizes to make sure to choose the right people that write your letters of recommendation. They recommend finding someone who knows you well and can give “vivid and specific” examples of your achievements. This doesn’t have to be the CEO of a company but maybe a recent supervisor or manager.

Top Tip Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Wharton wants to see academic challenges and some intellectual curiosity. It also favours quantitative course work. As for admissions exams such as the GMAT, the school recommends to not be afraid to re-take them if you didn’t do well the first time.

Top Tip MIT Sloan School of Management
Work experience is relative for Sloan. The average tends to be four to five years — but it is important according to the school to recognize the right time for applying for an MBA. As always, people who demonstrate excellence and passion tend to stand out.

Top Tip Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern
The foundations of a good interview rest on knowing your story extremely well, knowing the school and why you’re applying to it, according to Kellogg. The school’s advice is to listen closely and to not prepare answers beforehand as they tend to sound too scripted. The interviewers want to get a sense of who you are as a person. They recommend a mock interview with a friend as good practice.


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