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Just graduated – but no job yet? Don't panic!

Liz Wessel, co-founder and CEO of student-focused job and internship match site WayUp has advice for those who have recently graduated but have no job yet and are beginning to worry about a future as permanent residents of their parents’ basement.


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1. Take a moment to reassess your application plan. Wessel says not having signed a work contract when you graduate is not at all uncommon and no reason for panic. Many of the companies that hire during the school year are large organisations looking to snag top talent before their competition has the chance, while companies with less robust hiring mechanisms often wait until after graduation so that applicants who are hired are available to start work immediately.

2. Missed your chance with your dream company? You might have another shot now. If you missed the recruiting season for one of the bigger employers or applied and didn’t get an interview, you may have another opportunity. “Some of these larger players often underestimate their head count because they attempted to hire so far in advance,” says Wessel. “Their HR teams will quickly try to fill up spots starting now.”

3. Employers know you don’t have “one-to-three years of work experience” yet, and that’s okay. Don’t be deterred by job descriptions that require applicants to have one to three years of job experience. According to Wessel, most companies won’t rule out hiring a new graduate for this type of position, provided they have a relevant background and internship experience.

4. Evolve your search. It may be time to expand your horizons. This may mean seeking roles in a city you hadn’t considered or exploring different types of companies or applications of your skill set. In particular, Wessel recommends considering smaller operations where a new graduate can get lots of training and experience right off the bat – and which are likely still hiring.

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