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MBA for health care leaders

Cornell University’s Samuel Johnson Graduate School of Management and Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences have announced a new dual-degree programme for health care professionals. Students participating in the two-year Executive MBA/M.S. Healthcare Leadership programme will receive a Master of Science degree from the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences and an MBA from Johnson.


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The new dual-degree aims at academic medical centres, community hospitals, large group multi-specialty or single-specialty practices, health insurers, health care consultants, pharmaceutical professionals and health care innovators.

The programme focuses on health care systems in the United States and looks at areas that are experiencing extensive changes in structure, payment and regulatory requirements.

Students will have to take all core courses required for each of the degrees and add specialised electives to the mix. Courses will cover topics like managing and leading organisations, managerial finance, health policy, health informatics and business strategy.

Students will have to complete a capstone project intended to help them manage and work with stakeholders in the health care sector. This six-month long project will engage them with a health care organisation facing specific management challenges. At the conclusion of the engagement, the student teams will provide the organisations with a detailed plan recommending strategies for resolving their challenges.

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