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3 reasons to earn an MBA when you’re working

In today’s business world, you need the right combination of street smarts and book knowledge to survive and thrive. Here are three reasons why an MBA is your best bet to achieve this while working.

  • You reinforce learning with experience and vice versa: Rather than just being exposed to the theoretic or practical side of business, when you study MBA and work at the same time, you can reinforce your lessons with your practical knowledge and offer more to your workplace with what you have learned. Your learning and experience form a healthy cycle and feed on each other to become stronger than ever before, and the net benefit is that you become a more capable person at the workplace and in school.
  • You’re more serious about it: When you know how much of a difference a degree can make to your career and help further it, you’re much more serious about it. You don’t waste time because you’re juggling many balls and don’t have any to spare. And in the process, you become more efficient in multi-tasking, learn to do more in less time, and know how focus on the task at hand so that distractions don’t take your limited time away from you.
  • You save on costs: For one, your employer may sponsor your education if they know that the company stands to benefit as a result of your degree. Also, you don’t have to give up working when you take online or part-time classes. And online schools are less expensive than those that offer traditional full-time degrees. So all in all, you save a ton of money and also gain a degree from the transaction – a great business deal, wouldn’t you agree? 

It’s easy to learn and earn today because there are a host of opportunities available to those who are enterprising and willing to work hard. Reputable universities are offering online degrees to those who can prove their mettle and most Executive Programs are a mixture of online tutorials combined with short phases of attendance. So if you do your research right and are lucky enough, you could end up with a valuable degree under your belt and a climb up the career ladder with the perks of a pay hike thrown in.

About the Author:

This guest post is contributed by Brenda Harris, who writes on the topic of executive mba programs . She can be reached at her email.

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