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Melbourne: Living at its best

London itself wasn’t able to win any of the top spots in this year’s ranking of the most liveable cities in the world. Instead the Empire’s former colonies of Australia, Canada and New Zealand dominated the ranking of where to live the world’s best life. Australia’s second largest city Melbourne took out the top spot for the fourth time in a row.


Picture: Melbourne

Melbourne which many call the most European Australian city was crowned the most liveable city by the media group "The Economist", which establishes a ranking of the 140 best and worst cities in the world each year.

The assessment includes topics like health, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure. Melbourne scored at least 97.5 out of a possible 100 points with top ratings in health, education and infrastructure. It was closely followed in 2nd place by the Austrian capital Vienna and the Canadian cities Vancouver and Toronto. Canada’s Calgary shares the fifth place with the South Australian city of Adelaide. Sydney - Australia's metropolis at the sea – took out the sixth place followed by the Finnish capital Helsinki, the West Australian city of Perth and New Zealand’s Auckland.

Melbourne's worldwide popularity is also reflected in its growth rates. Estimates predict that by 2030 it will have overtaken Sydney as the largest Australian city. In particular, many European-born Australians are moving to Melbourne. The city is home to the largest Greek community outside of Greece, but many Italians and Germans also call Melbourne their home. "If I have to describe Melbourne in one word, then it is ‘multicultural’,” says the German photographer Markus Weber, who has lived in Melbourne for the past 14 years. "Various immigrants from around the world dominate certain parts of the city: There's pizza in Lyon Street, a Doner Kebab in Brunswick or an Asian noodle soup in Chinatown."

This mixed bunch of people from all over the world has given the city gastronomic, cultural and architectural charm, finds Weber. Another plus is the city’s beautiful position. On the weekend Melburnians can go on excursions to the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, explore wineries in the Yarra Valley wine region or mingle with penguins on Phillip Iceland. "Personally, I also rejoice while cycling in and around the city and I love exploring Melbourne’s bar scene." In particular Weber likes all the tiny and narrow streets that have become a kind of outdoor museum covered with graffiti, murals and other works of art.

1. Melbourne, Australien 97.5

2. Vienna, Austria 97.4

3. Vancouver, Canada 97.3

4. Toronto, Canada 97.2

5. Adelaide, Australia 96.6

= Calgary, Canada 96.6

7. Sydney, Australia 96.1

8. Helsinki, Finland 96.0

9. Perth, Australia 95.

10. Auckland, New Zealand 95.7

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