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New joint-venture: IIT Bombay-Washington University’s Executive MBA

The Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis have formed the first Indian-American cooperation that allows students to get a degree from both India as well as the U.S.. The programme aims to close the gap between technology and management and wants to tap into the expanding Indian economy.


Picture: Washington University in St. Louis

The new Executive MBA programme is modelled after Washington University's internationally recognised sister programmes in the U.S. and China. The joint Executive MBA programme with Fudan University in Shanghai is ranked number six in the world by the Financial Times.

The 18-month programme, which begins July 2016, will allow participants to work while attending courses four days per month, from Thursday morning through Sunday evening, in Mumbai. The programme ends with a two-week capstone experience at Washington University in St. Louis.

The curriculum which will be taught in English and aims to build knowledge, global perspective, and tools to apply to business challenges. According to the Hindu these are essential skills to develop in India as the Indian education system hinders innovative thinking according to industry leaders that spoke during the launch of the programme.

India doesn’t produce great leaders because we are not pushed enough to think out of the box,” said Sandeep Naik, MD of General Atlantic. “We are great managers and CEOs when we have to solve a known problem, but succumb to pressure when we face an unknown problem.”

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