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New option for MBA students: Virtual Internships

E-learning is on the rise. Online universities constantly strive to perfect their e-learning content by supporting it with current examples, analogies, case studies or problem analysis. Virtual learning, however, takes completely new turns by intern-ships turning to the internet as well.


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These days, virtual internships are becoming more popular. It reads like a paradox as an internship should be hands on – seeing and doing what the company is all about. However, MBA students are now finding new ways to engage in these virtual learning opportunities and get the best out of them. But how can a so called “e-intern” engage with an employer through the internet?

As with e-learning, virtual internships are all about the level of support as well as the structure and nature of the assignment. Universities say that they can work well for students offering technical and/or business skills. Students are attracted to these online programmes because they are often more flexible than regular internships but still allow them a high level of experience. Employers on the other side can utilize talent from abroad or from remote universities with high qualifications and do not have to organise office space for the candidates.

Currently, small start-up companies are most interested in e-interns, but the idea is on the rise at larger companies as well. The U.S. State Department, for example, launched the Virtual Student Foreign Service. This service supports students finding online internships at State Department domestic offices and diplomatic posts abroad.

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