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New MBA specialization: Digital Marketing
NYU Stern announced a new MBA specialization in Digital Marketing. The new programme aims to educate students about guiding organizations in a digital world. Students can focus their studies on a mix of marketing and information systems (IS) courses.

MBA for medical doctors
West Virginia University medical students can soon add an MBA to their medical academic honours. The College of Business and Economics and the School of Medicine have come together to give students the opportunity to earn an MBA during the optional "step out" year. This year can normally be taken after their second year of medical school. Jose Sartarelli, Dean of the College of Business and Economics commented that doctors realize how important it is to have a business background. A little understanding of accounting, financing, marketing and human resources would also help in their careers, he said. The college is also looking into similar partnerships with the schools of pharmacy and dentistry.

HEC strives to boost its image
French business school HEC has hired consulting firm Bain & Co to sharpen the school’s positioning amongst other business schools. The school has dropped behind European rivals Insead, London Business School, and IMD. Bain & Co.has now reworked strategy, operations and curriculum. HEC’s goal is it to become one of the top three business schools in Europe and one of the top ten worldwide.

Stanford’s newest acquisition
Silicon-Valley-entrepreneur and billionaire Peter Thiel will teach at his former university Stanford. The German born Thiel has helped finance companies like PayPal and Facebook, and will have plenty of hands-on advice for his students. His decision comes as a surprise as he’s famous for “hating” university and has commented on how education hinders innovation in his opinion. He also sponsors several students with 100,000 dollars per year to work on their own business idea instead of attending university.

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