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News from the schools

The Anderson School of Management, Fuqua School of Business and the Carey Business School are the four schools in focus for our news of the schools this month.

A “no” to state funding

The Anderson School of Management plans to become independent from state funding for its flagship MBA programme. Faculty leaders of the University of California voted to support a proposal that would make the school the first mainstream University of California programme to rely only on tuition and donations. Anderson would join ranks with other high-profile names like the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business which both decided to forgo state funding last year. If approved, the proposal would give Anderson control over tuition increases and more flexibility in choosing staff.

Programmes postponed

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business will postpone a one-year finance degree that the school had planned to start in Dubai shortly. A new course date hasn’t been set yet. The "Master’s in Management: Finance" would have been the first programme that Fuqua would have taught solely outside its U.S. campus. The school still runs certain parts of other programmes and a workshop in the United Emirates. Fuqua’s second ambitious plan to open a new campus in Kunshan, China, has also been pushed back, as the programme is still being reviewed by China’s Ministry of Education. It won’t start before autumn 2013.

New dean

Bernard T. Ferrari has been announced as the next dean of the Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School. Ferrari has worked as corporate strategist and management consultant for many Fortune 50 companies. He’s also a former director of consulting firm McKinsey & Company. And a most interesting detail: Ferrari started his career originally as a surgeon before turning to corporate business and now education.

John Hopkins Carey Business School

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