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Belgian business school’s rebranding campaign

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has changed its name to Vlerick Business School. The change in name is part of a rebranding process that also gave the school’s logo a bold new typeface and a bright colour-setting.

The school's management also says they thoroughly scrutinized the school and its processes from programme design and delivery, to reputation and international visibility. The rebranding also involved getting a new campus, rework the MBA curriculum as well as the Executive Education programmes and form new research partnerships. As well as campuses in its home cities of Leuven and Gent, the school now also teaches from Brussels, Beijing and St Petersburg.

INSEAD’s new knowledge website

International business school INSEAD launched a new management news portal providing readers with access to the school’s business research. The new INSEAD Knowledge platform was launched with the 2012 academic year at the beginning of October. The website is published in English, Chinese and Arabic.

New Masters in Management degree at Cranfield

Cranfield University School of Management plans to offer a new Masters in Management degree (MiM). If approved on university level, the programme will launch its first class in September 2013. The education market has seen an increased popularity in MiMs, with several big brand schools in North America and Europe offering the degree now, including London Business School. The Cranfield MiM addresses a younger clientele with less than three years work experience.

New three-continent undergraduate degree in business

Three business schools from three different continents have joined forces to launch this three-continent undergraduate degree. The programme is taught over four years and will be launched in 2013 by the Marshall school at the University of Southern California in the US, Bocconi in Italy and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in China. The programme will be taught in English.

Harvard Business School cautions against essays for sale

The new essay service and website lists essays produced at Harvard amongst their most popular products, but Harvard Business School Admissions Director Deirdre Leopold cautions applicants against buying these essays in an e-mail published by Businessweek.“I understand the desire for prospective applicants to get a glimpse of what an HBS essay looks like. That being said, the buyer should really beware,” Leopold said. “Our essay questions are completely new this year, so historical essays may not be as helpful as candidates might wish.” was founded by MBA graduates Gili and Ori Elkin. The website allows applicants to buy essays from people, who have recently been admitted to top business schools.

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