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Pay rise for graduates on the horizon


Picture: Jürgen Fälchle/ Fotolia

Job prospects are looking up and so is pay, reports the Wall Street Journal quoting a survey of nearly 2,200 employers by job-search site CareerBuilder. One third said they will offer new graduate higher pay than last year. Roughly one in four said they will pay entry-level employees at least 50,000 dollars. The majority of employers (57 per cent) said they expect to make no change in salary offers, and 10 per cent expect starting salaries to plunge. A separate survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found the average starting salary for 2014 grads was 48,127 dollars, up from 45,327 dollars in 2013.

CarreerBuilder's survey found that businesses majors were most in demand with 38 per cent of employers planning to hire them, followed by computer and information-sciences majors (27 per cent) and engineering majors (18 per cent).

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