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Preparing for an MBA fair

With a new admissions cycle comes plenty of opportunities to meet someone from the MBA team.  We always encourage applicants to come and visit us in St.Gallen in person, partly because the best way to to judge a school is through your own experience, but also because we know that Switzerland, St.Gallen and the MBA experience will sell itself to you!


Photo: Oliver Matthews

But this is not a luxury that everyone can take advantage of which is why we go to MBA fairs in a variety of countries to meet future students. This is a one off opportunity to get your questions answered in person so make the most of it! Here are a few tips:

- Pick your targets! Most likely we will be in an MBA fair with dozens, if not hundreds, of other schools. So decide before hand which schools you definitely want to approach before you leave.
- Use your time wisely. Depending on how busy the fair is, you may get anything from 1-10 minutes to ask your questions so don’t waste time asking what is in plain view on the website or in the brochure. You’ll be able to get a copy of this anyway to read later.
- Look the part! There is a good chance that the person you meet at the MBA fair is in some way involved in the admissions decisions. So don’t take any chances: dress smart, be polite and create a good impression.
- Paperwork. Help us, help you. If you are asking whether you are a good fit for the school, bring a few copies of your CV. This saves a lot of time in explaining your background and can help us advise you better.
- 121 coaching. If you are really interested in a school, contact them in advance. There is a good chance that the school has interview slots available for good candidates. We always schedule interview and coaching sessions before, during or after the MBA fair to make sure that we spend more time with the best candidates. Send us your CV and we will tell you if this is suitable for you.
- Formal interviews. If you are a bit further down the road in making your decision, consider submitting your MBA application before the fair. Let us know that you are available and we can schedule your formal interview before or after the event. You will still be able to ask all of those small logistical questions after the interview.
- Business cards. Lastly, consider bringing a business card. It looks professional and saves us trying to interpret a variety of handwriting styles. There is nothing worse than meeting a good applicant but not being able to stay in touch because of an unintelligible e-mail address….

We look forward to meeting you on the road!

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