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Insider tip: Put yourself into uncomfortable situations

“Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, which will allow you to field new challenges with ease, grace, and confidence.”
IAC’s Hatch Labs CEO Dinesh Moorjani’s shared this personal insider tip for becoming a successful business person during an interview with Business

He recommends increasing the number of difficult situations and circumstances while working considerably, in order to overcome challenges and make those situations in the future manageable. An example would be: if you're used to working in your own country, try getting a position on a different continent, in a completely different culture. Moorjani has done this himself a few times. Before becoming CEO of U.S. based IAC's Hatch Labs, a mobile technology innovation firm, the Harvard Business School Graduate worked for Samsung in South Korea and as investment manager at Goldman Sachs. He said during the interview that the discomfort would unlock "second order effects" that are not measurable at first, but would eventually lead to strategic thinking in times of stress, distress or adversity. The training would develop "flexibility" in your work style so you'd be able to learn and adapt quickly to a situation and work with various groups of people and cultures. "Once you’ve learned to operate in that environment, you become adept in ways you never anticipated and your thought patterns begin to evolve rapidly."

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