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Second half of the MBA journey in full speed!

The second half our MBA is in full speed. After returning from Christmas break in January, it has been a whirlwind. I had the idea that after the 4th, and final core block, was finished we would be have a little “breather” in the curriculum. Wrong! We went straight into our Learning Assessment Week (more or less affectionately known by its acronym LAW), which was a 90 minute oral exam testing our knowledge of the MBA material thus far, presentation skills and current events in the business world. There was not a day that went by prior to LAW that every student in the class was deeply engrossed in world developments chronicled in the Financial Times. The students organized small discussion groups on what was in the FT that day, and during coffee breaks everyone was glued to the newspaper. The assessment itself was a fantastic experience (though I know I definitely was biting my nails just a few minutes before, trying to figure out what was waiting for me on the other side of the door where Simon Evenett, one esteemed professor, and two corporate panelists were waiting for me- but I am happy to report that it really was not as bad as it sounds), and I think this should be a mandatory assessment for all MBAs graduating from programs around the world.


Tuuli-Maija Laakso by HSG

I feel like I have been starring in my very own fast forward movie called the life of an MBA, as we are already now nearly in the middle of March! Job search and interview season is in full swing. This past Tuesday all the MBAs took part in the HSG Talents Conference, with a special treat for us MBAs with extensive prior work experience: the MBA Lounge. Many of us had interviews arranged with companies such as Zurich Financial, BASF, Glencore, Deloitte and many more, and we were able to discuss work opportunities with representatives at the Lounge and make new contacts. Outside of the Lounge, which by the way was located on a balcony above one of the large halls and the rest of the HSG students at the OLMA conference center, were many more companies looking to hire graduates from all the programs at HSG in the coming year. It was a great opportunity to see what is out there, and practice your 90 second pitch. Pressure is definitely mounting to find a project and/or full time job, but the Career Services Office is working hard to find us opportunities. Rarely a day goes by when we are not forwarded opportunities in various industries by Career Services.

So, with only 12 more weeks of elective classes left, I am trying to slow my life down a little bit (though it seems impossible) and also enjoy some time with my classmates because I know once it is all over, I will miss them the most out of this MBA. Spring is also making its way back to Switzerland, and although the winter has not been that bad (really, I promise) I am excited for the warmer and longer days and everything that comes with them. But for now, I need to get back to my job applications and mounds of assignments….

About Tuuli-Maija Laakso:
"Tuuli-Maija Laakso is Finnish / American and an MBA student of the class of 2012 at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Tuuli holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Manhatten College and Boston University and is a credit professional with experiences in credit and risk management at a leading commercial bank."

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