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Study: Trends on international MBA applicants

QS Ltd, host of the World MBA Tour, has published a new study on trends and motivations of international MBA applicants. The report is based on a survey of more than 1,000 MBA candidates who visited the QS World MBA Tour in fall 2007 and spring 2008.

The participants answered questions on salary expectations, financing their studies, reasons for doing an MBA and their preferred locations to study.

According to this study, the four most important MBA sectors remain the same as the previous year: IT, consulting, engineering and finance. The most-named reasons for doing an MBA are better career prospects (69 percent), acquiring new knowledge (55 percent) and developing a business network (41 percent).

Regarding the average salaries of MBA candidates before entering the program, Germany is in the lead with an average income of 64,000 euros. France follows in second place with an average of 55,000 euros, trailed by the UK with 52,000 euros.

According to QS Ltd., German applicants also have the highest salary ambitions after completing an MBA: On average, 138,000 euros was the figure given as a target salary. But candidates from the Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Romania, Chile and Argentina also set high salary goals upon having an MBA degree in their pocket. These high expectations however are relatively unrealistic.


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