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The jobs with the biggest pay rise this year

Bankers? Techies? Consultants? Who has seen their salary increase the most in 2016? Here is what – a salary benchmarking site – has to say about the biggest winners when it comes to big pay checks.


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Let's Get Digital: Marketing and Communications come first with a staggering increase of 37 per cent to their total compensation which reflects an ever-increasing demand.

HR to the rescue:  HR managers are expanding their skill sets and are in high demand to help companies adapt their culture and management style to millennials and Gen Y.

Always do your research: Research employees both in Banking and the Financial Buy-Side have seen their remuneration increase this year by 12 per cent and 22 per cent  respectively. Banks and Funds seeking to beat competition by innovative investments, make research more relevant than ever.

The case of IT: Technology firms competing with Banks for the top talent in IT are pushing remuneration up. The 12 per cent per cent increase in total compensation for Java developers might seem way below the 23 per cent increase for C# developers. 

Finance jobs are not topping's ranking. Instead, professionals in sectors emerging as game changers such as IT and Digital Marketing are in high demand. 

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