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The Power (and Beauty) of the German Language

You might have been wondering where we have been hiding. Well, since the Electives phase started in late February, we are pretty much all over the place. The beauty of Electives is that you get to make your own schedule.

Hence, if you are lucky enough, you can end up with a month`s break in between classes or manage to be done with the Electives phase by late April. Another plus of the Electives is that we get to do them together with the Part-Time class, which ultimately makes for interesting discussions, group works and new contacts. The one drawback of this phase is that we hardly ever get to see the whole Full-Time class together any more (this has been referred to as a positive by some, including myself at times, but let`s see how sentiment develops as graduation approaches).

Apart from vacationing all over Europe, eating delicious home-made food and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside of Switzerland …, this class has also been busy looking for that perfect post-MBA job. We had the MBA Lounge (as part of the HSG Talents Career Fair) on March 6, 2012. Since then we have been busy following up with potential employers, drafting cover letters, fine-tuning CV`s, interviewing and pretty much running around like chickens with our heads cut off. While there have been some notable successes in this domain by some of our classmates, the rest of us continue to persevere with the job hunt. And perhaps work on our German-language skills in der Zwischenzeit. Although you can land a good job without speaking German, fliessendes Deutsch opens up a whole new area of possibilities in German-speaking Europe. Trust me on this. So get your textbooks out and get down with it, would be my advice.

About Elitsa Slaneva:
"Elitsa Slaneva is Bulgarian and an MBA student of the class of 2012 at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Elitsa holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria and has professional experiences in the US asset management industry. Elitsa has a background in accounting, corporate finance and capital markets."

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