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Video interview: Fans of Fred

Wharton alumni Fred Wilson dazzles: He’s a headstrong and successful venture capitalist, his AVC blog receives 25,000 visitors a week and his Twitter account has more than 10,000 “followers”.

He talks about his career, financing transactions and communication during the age of the Internet in a video interview.

" try to give each entrepreneur the chance to introduce themselves to me appropriately, to tell me their story,"he says. With one important condition: "In a way that doesn't rob me of every second of my time." The solution? His blog.

One example: "I wrote a blog post about new forms of online advertising. I receive 50 comments about it that I can answer directly or in an e-mail."

He challenges himself to reply to 5,000 comments like this per year. Much more than is possible with traditional communication methods.

As a reward for his openness, Wilson expects the greatest exchange of information possible with his clients in both directions:"Most companies I invest in blog about the respective company's development, its products and even about its financing."

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