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Want to be a CEO? Many say no.

31 per cent of executives in line to be their company’s CEO are reluctant to take the job, according to a survey by executive recruitment company Korn Ferry. ‘Today’s CEO role carries with it significant uncertainty, pressure and relatively high risk,’ said Dave Heine, Korn Ferry’s executive vice president. ‘So it’s not surprising that almost a third of these leaders destined for the very top are either ambivalent or flat-out don’t want the role.’


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Korn Ferry's latest survey of succession issues also found that almost a third of C-suite executives, vice presidents, directors and other leaders were dissatisfied with the people whom they had recently placed in top jobs. Part of the problem may be that the top leaders usually want to promote from within but find that only half of their internal candidates are ready, so they end up hiring about half of their executives from elsewhere.


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