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What consultants earn

Many companies hire consultants to steer through challenges posed by markets, innovation and regulators. In their latest study, salary benchmarking site reviewed data from 630 senior Consultants with 3 to 6 years of experience in London to identify the best paying consulting jobs.


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Strategy Consultants earn 1.5 times more than their colleagues in Financial Accounting. As expected, with the ever-increasing regulatory constraints over risk management and tax loopholes closing down, Risk and Trust & Pensions consulting are also well paid.  rewarded. 

Strategy consulting, the most prestigious job in consulting, ranks top with a total compensation of 61,000 GBP or 72.000 euro. For the best paying jobs in the best paying consulting firm, applicants should aim for strategy consulting at Bain & Company or BCG with total annual compensation packages of 100,000 GBP or 127,000 euro.  

Consultants in Financial Risk Management only make 52,000 GBP and Financial Advisers. 48,000 GBP. 

Boni, however, are hard to come by in the sectorConsulting is a fee-based business, as a consequence of this process is that consultants are far removed from the direct bottom-line increase which would be the base for a bonus.  

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