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Where did the bosses of the 500 largest corporations go to business school?

Research by the Financial Times shows that 31 per cent of the world’s largest 500 publicly traded companies by market capitalisation have a chief executive or equivalent highest-ranking manager with an MBA.


Picture: Harvard Business School

Analysis of the FT 500 corporations, conducted for the third year running, proves that half of these 144 top dogs have been trained in just 10 of the top business schools. A further 26 top executives received their MBA from schools ranked within the top 100 in the FT’s worldwide ranking for 2016. Top is Harvard Business School with 22 MBA grads in leading roles altogether. Insead can boast eight, Stanford seven, as many as Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. „It is also worth sparing a thought for two unranked Texan universities that also each count three MBA alumni among the FT500 leadership,“ suggests the FT naming the Southern Methodist University and the University of Houston.

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Where did FT500 chief executives go to business school?

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