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Unilever’s move welcomed by Rotterdam School of Management

Unilever was Britain's third-biggest company and its consumer brands include well-known products like Dove soap and Magnum icecream. Moving its headquarters from London to...

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Microsoft is hiring big from US business schools

The US-tech company Microsoft is on a recruiting spree from business schools according to the Financial Times. In 2017, Microsoft hired about 30 per cent more MBAs than last year,...

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What you need to work for Goldman Sachs

Just being able to yell out “buy!” or “sell!” will not cut it at any investment bank. In fact, the evolution of trading has made skills in science, technology, engineering, and...

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MBA careers: Less banking and consulting, more fintech

More and more fintech companies are employing MBA graduates, luring employees away from the banking and consulting sector, the Financial Times (FT) reports. According to the...

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The world’s most talent competitive countries in 2017

Insead’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index in 2017 praises two countries that have already been successful in past years: Switzerland and Singapore. They take this year’s top...

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The world’s most innovative countries

European countries are leading the way in this year’s Global Innovation Index. Switzerland is again ahead of Sweden and the United Kingdom (which has dropped one place already...

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India: Consulting firms hiring MBA graduates from IIMs

Consulting firms like EY, Deloitte, Cognizant and the Boston Consulting Group were amongst the companies that actively hired MBA graduates from Indian Institutes of Management this...

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Technology sector is catching up with traditional MBA hirers

Despite the high percentage of university drop-outs amongst successful technology companies, data from business schools shows that these very companies now increasingly hire MBAs.

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Why an MBA may not be enough to get you the banking job you desire

Before the financial crisis, investment banks were some of the biggest recruiters of MBAs. I was one of the people recruiting MBAs on their behalf, writes Derek Walker, an...

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How to institutionalise innovation

Family firms provide lessons in how to create continuously innovative companies, writes Morten Bennedsen, Insead Professor of Economics and Political Science. For many this...


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