Career growth: Three sentences to avoid at the workplace

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Career growth is a key factor for job satisfaction, and without it work can quickly become frustrating, claims Adunola Adeshola, a coach for high-achievers. To take someone’s career to the next level, certain sentences need to be avoided.

A good track record at work and the right skill set do help to further career growth but rarely are they enough to secure a promotion, gain leadership opportunities in your current role, or land a new job, Adunola Adeshola writes in an article for Forbes.

The coach for high-achievers recommends to work on the attitude that someone shows towards work and explains how three sentences can harm career growth.

  •  “I have to think about it.”

Adunola Adeshola’s view in Forbes: “Overthinking leads to paralysis. Of course, you should give things thought and avoid making irrational and impulsive decisions you may regret later. But, there’s a difference between seriously needing to weigh your options and using, ‘I have to think about,’ as an excuse to buy time and avoid a decision.”

  • “I don’t want to sound arrogant.”

Adunola Adeshola’s view in Forbes: “If you worry about sounding obnoxious, rarely take credit for your work, and constantly say things like, ‘I don’t like bragging about myself,’ you may be guilty of being too modest. While those sentences may make you feel like a humble team player, your unwillingness to speak up about how valuable you are as a person signals to other people that you lack value and confidence.”

  • “I’ll do it later.”

Adunola Adeshola’s view in Forbes: “On the surface, procrastination is laziness. Procrastination is birthed when you don’t want to do something because you’re scared of the outcome, or when you don’t want to start something because you don’t know all the steps to complete it.”

Altogether these sentences stand for laziness, a lack of confidence and a fear of decision-making, which are all three not desirable for employers to invest in in terms of career progression and more responsibility.