Thinkers50 launches Executive Education degree

Executive Education


Thinkers50, a global platform for management thinking, has launched its very own EMBA – an individualised degree programme designed to foster unique networked and collaborative relationships for business leaders.

The Thinkers50 Executive MBA degree programme will be conducted in co-operation with the National Centre for Leadership and Management (NCLM) in the UK. Since 2001, Thinkers50 has been engaging with, and biennially ranking, the brightest, most innovative management thinkers around the globe. With the launch of the Thinkers50 EMBA it transfers new ideas to a broader community.

“With over 25 years writing about and delivering sessions on MBA courses, and with the Thinkers50 global community of thought leaders to draw on, we have long intended designing our own ground-breaking programme,” Des Dearlove, Thinkers50 co-founder, said.

Whilst a traditional executive MBA offers core competencies, but less opportunity for practical application, the T50 EMBA includes the basics, but is able to reach further, providing each student with access to a broad network of business and management thought leaders. Programme sessions delivered by those ranked highly by Thinkers50 – professors, business leaders, authors, innovators, and more – will offer opportunities to engage with the best in a number of fields. And the interactions with the leading minds in management thinking mean each participant will graduate with a powerful network and broad mental wings.

During the 2-year EMBA programme, participants will meet as a class for six intensive three-day residential modules with contributions from the global network. Participants will have a variety of aims for the T50 Executive MBA and these are met through a coaching and training model. They will have personal executive coaches with broad experience in coaching and business. These personal coaches will visit participant work places, gaining valuable insight for personalisation of content between residentials, and contributing to exacting challenges for individual learners throughout the two years. “The emphasis of the new programme will be on the practical application of the best management ideas,” says Thinkers50’s Stuart Crainer.

The programme is priced at 27,000 pounds, with access to the Thinkers50 network and its content.